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Table 4 Quotations to illustrate physical health and lifestyle related outcomes

From: Treatment outcomes in schizophrenia: qualitative study of the views of family carers

Physical Health and Lifestyle
Exercise/physical activity and diet/weight
 • ‘He was having plans. He said, “I need to go swimming, I want to get fit and I want to go swimming.” He wouldn’t go into the swimming pool because there are other people there.’ [C51]
 • ‘The only pleasure he had in life in the end, after being institutionalised and losing all the interests that he’d got… was eating you know.. I’ll send out for a pizza, that’ll be nice and I’ll watch a DVD and that’s about as…and a couple cans of lager and that’s about as normal as things got for him really…’ [C46]
 • ‘He can actually go down now and buy fresh fruit and vegetables… He couldn’t make decisions; [um] he didn’t know what food to eat… He didn’t have a fridge.’ [C25]
 • ‘She got anorexic, she wasn’t eating at all; she wasn’t drinking because she thought the water was contaminated. Physically she was going downhill because she wasn’t eating or drinking.’ [C14&15]
 • ‘He was self-medicating with alcohol. For quite a long while… he actually stopped drinking. And that helped a lot of things and it helped with the medication and generally with his mood.’ [C40]
 • ‘Once they’ve become established, or on a working medication, they don’t need the cannabis. Maybe it’s they don’t need it, maybe that they’ve become well enough in order to have insight to know that it’s harmful to them.’ [C10]
 • ‘She’s a confirmed smoker… It’s the least of our problems I think, you know.’ [C04&05]
 • I feel a lot better now he’s at college because he has to get up, he has to go out, he’s got something to do. So that’s really good because it’s horrible to watch somebody doing nothing all day.’ [C21]
 • ‘The only reason that [1]‘s working now… is because of this family… have made her do things and she’s living proof that if you get into a routine you can do things.’ [C38]
 • ‘He has some physical problems with sleeping. His sleeping is a little erratic. He might not sleep very well at night but he catches up during the day. So his life balance is different to probably you or I. But he manages that in his way now.’ [C40]
 • ‘They need a reason to get up, need a reason to get up in the morning’ [C28]