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Table 2 Confirmatory Factor structure of the Diabetes Eating Problem Survey Revised - DEPS-R

From: Assessment of eating disorders with the diabetes eating problems survey – revised (DEPS-R) in a representative sample of insulin-treated diabetic patients: a validation study in Italy

  F1 F2 F3
D 14 (I feel that my eating is out of control) λ x 11  = 0.82   
D 3 (Other people have told me that my eating is out of control) λ x 21  = 0.72   
D 15 (I alternate between eating very little and eating huge amounts) λ x 31  = 0.62   
D12 (Other people tell me to take better care of my diabetes) λ x 41  = 0.59   
D 5 (I eat more when I am alone than when I am with others) λ x 51  = 0.45   
D 4 (When I overeat, I don’t take enough insulin to cover the food) λ x 61  = 0.44   
D 7 (I avoid checking my blood sugar when I feel like it is out of range) λ x 71  = 0.43   
D 2 (I skip meals and/or snacks) λ x 81  = 0.32   
D 13 (After I overeat, I skip my next insulin dose) λ x 91  = 0.32   
D 6 (I feel that it’s difficult to lose weight and control my diabetes at the same time)   λ x 12  = 0.68  
D 16 (I would rather be thin than to have good control of my diabetes)   λ x 22  = 0.61  
D 1 (Losing weight is an important goal to me)   λ x 32  = 0.60  
D11 (I feel fat when I take all of my insulin)   λ x 42  = 0.59  
D 8 (I make myself vomit)    λ x 13  = 0.75
D 9 (I try to keep my blood sugar high so that I will lose weight)    λ x 23  = 0.54
D 10 (I try to eat to the point of spilling ketones in my urine)    λx 33 = 0.44
  1. Data represent pattern coefficients