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Table 1 Participant codes and description

From: Seeking to understand lived experiences of personal recovery in personality disorder in community and forensic settings – a qualitative methods investigation

Code Interview Setting Age (as range) Gender
Int001 Secure hospital ward 41–50 Male
Int002 Secure hospital ward 22–30 Female
Int003 Prison 41–50 Male
Int004 Prison 31–40 Male
Int005 Prison 22–30 Male
Int006 Prison 41–50 Male
Int007 Prison 31–40 Female
Int008 Prison 18–21 Male
Int009 Prison 18–21 Male
Int010 Prison 31–40 Male
Int011 Prison 41–50 Female
Int012 Prison 31–40 Female
Int013 Secure hospital ward 41–50 Male
Int014 Secure hospital ward 31–40 Male
Int015 General Community 31–40 Male
Int016 Prison 18–21 Female
Int017 Prison 31–40 Female
Int018 Prison 22–30 Female
Int019 Prison 22–30 Female
Int020 Prison 51–60 Female
Int021 Prison 41–50 Female
Int022 General Community 31–40 Male
Int023 General Community 41–50 Male
Int024 General Community 31–40 Female
Int025 General Community 18–21 Female
Int026 General Community 51–60 Female
Int027 Community inpatient ward 51–60 Male
Int028 Community inpatient ward 41–50 Female
Int029 General Community 21–30 Female
Int030 General Community 31–40 Female
Int031 General Community 41–50 Female
Int032 General Community 41–50 Female
Int033 General Community 31–40 Male
Int034 Community inpatient ward 22–30 Male
Int035 General Community 41–50 Female
Int036 General Community 22–30 Female
Int037 Community inpatient ward 41–50 Male
Int038 General Community 41–50 Female
Int039 General Community 18–21 Female
Int040 General Community 31–40 Female
Int041 General Community 18–21 Male