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Table 1 Demographics of interview participants. Core training (CT) describes the first three years of psychiatry training when the trainees rotate between a range of subspecialties before choosing one to specialize in for their final three or four years of specialty training (ST). Only a few trainees complete an ST7 year and these trainees chose to subspecialize in two areas of psychiatry

From: Why did you choose psychiatry? a qualitative study of psychiatry trainees investigating the impact of psychiatry teaching at medical school on career choice

Variable n/21
Stage of training Core Training
CT1 4
CT2 3
CT3 4
Specialty Training
ST4 2
ST5 4
ST6 2
ST7 2
Gender Male 10
Female 11
Ethnicity White British 12
Asian Indian 4
Asian Pakistani 1
Chinese 2
Black African 1
Other White 1
Age 20–30 8
30–40 12
40–50 1
Entry to medical school Undergraduate 17
Graduate 4