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Table 2 Summary of themes and subthemes from the interviews

From: Why did you choose psychiatry? a qualitative study of psychiatry trainees investigating the impact of psychiatry teaching at medical school on career choice

Summary of themes from the interviews  
Exposure to psychiatry at medical school  
 • Length of placement  
 • Early introduction of psychiatry  
 • Temporal learning: Having time to see changes in patients  
 • Flattened hierarchy: Feeling a valued member of the team  
 • Receiving detailed feedback from supervisors  
Positive role models  
 • Perceived personality traits among psychiatrists; for example, very approachable and people centered  
 • Trainees were particularly influenced by consultants who a took personal interest in them and their development  
Views on integration of psychiatry teaching at medical school  
 • Support for the concept of integration  
 • Concerns about the dilution of psychiatry teaching overall  
Pathways in career decision-making: when did they decide on psychiatry?  
 • Before medical school  
 • During medical school  
 • After medical school (Impact of foundation training)  
Appealing factors  
 • Psychosocial factors  
 • Practical factors; work life balance, skillset required, research potential  
 • Negative attitudes/stigma  
 • Isolation  
 • ‘not a proper doctor’  
 • Emotional stress and responsibility  
 • Buddy schemes  
 • Mentoring  
 • Raising awareness at secondary schools  
 • Challenging negative attitudes at medical school