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Fig. 6 | BMC Psychiatry

Fig. 6

From: Characteristic distribution of the total and individual item scores on the Kessler Screening Scale for Psychological Distress (K6) in US adults

Fig. 6

Distributions of the total scores of 2 items. a Low ratio group (items 4 and 6), (b) middle ratio group (items 1 and 5), and (c) high ratio group (items 2 and 3) on a normal scale. d Low ratio group, (e) middle ratio group, and (f) high ratio group on a semi-logarithmic scale. While all distributions of the three groups were right-skewed (a, b, and c), the high ratio group fluctuated between points 0 and 8 (c). Using a semi-logarithmic scale, while the middle ratio group showed apparent linear patterns (e), the low ratio group (d) and high ratio group (f) fluctuated considerably. The distribution for the low ratio group from points 0 to 1 exhibited higher frequencies than predicted from the linear pattern (d), while the distribution for the high ratio group exhibited lower frequencies than predicted from the linear pattern (f)

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