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Table 1 Diagnostic instruments and assessment schedule

From: Randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effects of personalized prediction and adaptation tools on treatment outcome in outpatient psychotherapy: study protocol

  Begin Every session Every 5th session End
SCID-Interview [29] (SCID) x    
Brief Symptom Inventory [33] (BSI) x    x
Outcome Questionnaire [53] (OQ-30) x   x x
11-item Short version of Hopkins‘Symptomchecklist [31] (HSCL-11)   x   
Assessment for Signal Clients [5] (ASC) x   x  
Affective Style Questionnaire [54] (ASQ) x   x  
Patient Health Questionnaire [55] (PHQ-9) x   x  
Generalized Anxiety Disorder [56] (GAD-7) x   x  
Global Assessment of Functioning [41] (GAF) x x   x