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Table 2 Interview schedule questions

From: Separating obsessive-compulsive disorder from the self. A qualitative study of family member perceptions

Questions Prompts
1) What do you know about OCD? Terminology? Duration? Do you know how it should be treated? Who? i.e. are some people more vulnerable than others? Different types of OCD? Has your knowledge changed with time? How/why (e.g. meeting partner with OCD)?
2) Tell me about how your relatives’ symptoms of OCD started? When did you recognise OCD? What led up to it? Cause? What did you do? How did you react? Looking back, were there signs before?
3) What are your relative’s symptoms like at present? Do symptoms fluctuate? If so, what improves symptoms/worsens symptoms? E.g. treatment. Do you impact on their symptoms? Any triggers? Contrast how this week is compared to previous weeks.
4) Tell me about a typical day in your relative’s life. How does your relative’s OCD affect you? Practically (in terms of caring, lifestyle change) & emotionally (how do they feel about it). Any positives? What about other family members? Does this fluctuate? Is this important to you?
5) Do you play any role in managing your relative’s OCD? Has this changed with time? Why/how?
6) Tell me what the future looks like at the moment? Stay the same, improve/worsen? Will circumstances/impact on you differ in future? Do you ever see your relative being cured?
7) Is there anything that does help/would help support you as a relative of someone with OCD?  
8) Is there anything else that you would like to add?