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Table 1 Search strategy terms

From: eHealth interventions for the prevention of depression and anxiety in the general population: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Mental health AND Prevention AND Study design AND eHealth AND Title search preventa.ti. resilienca.ti.
mood random at-riska.ti.
common at at riska.ti.
obsessive early exp randomized controlled trial/ self-directed/ self early interventiona.ti. web-based/web depressa.ti.
post-traumatic smart-phonea/ common mentala.ti. controlled clinical trial/ mobile anxia.ti.
   clinical trial/ cell subsyndromala.ti. subthresholda.ti.
    mHealth subclinicala.ti.
    self-help/ self  
    self-guided/ self  
  1. aRetrieves all possible suffix variations of the root word indicated