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Table 3 Barriers and facilitators

From: Barriers and facilitators in accessing dementia care by ethnic minority groups: a meta-synthesis of qualitative studies

Overarching concept New concept New concept
Inadequacies Lack of carer/patient understanding of the causes and symptoms of dementia Improving knowledge of dementia
Lack of Knowledge, familiarity and awareness of services and how to navigate the system  
Professionals lack of specialist knowledge and lack of cultural and linguistic ability to achieve diagnosis Improving training for professionals in identifying and screening for dementia
Limitations of available services and lack of cultural awareness Broadening and adapting servicesContinuity of care
Preconceived ideas of treatability /normalisation  
Cultural habitus/experiences Anxiety/trust issues about ‘outside’ support and its cultural appropriateness Tackling the issue of ‘outsiders’
Issues around trust and racism, both historic and current  
Societal stigma of mental illness and denial or concealment as a defence against the reactions of others Addressing societal stigma/denial/concealment
Cultural issues impacting on perceptions of Western medicine and the acceptability of services  
The impact of cultural/familial expectations and community perceptions on care decisions  
Health care provider exclusion and dismissal of carer concerns/Negative carer experiences of help seeking  
Negative emotions associated with response from own community