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Table 1 Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria for Identification of Articles

From: A systematic review of evidence for fitness-to-drive among people with the mental health conditions of schizophrenia, stress/anxiety disorder, depression, personality disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder

Inclusion Criteria
 • All published literature using any research design, as well as commentaries and literature reviews or discussion pieces.
 • Persons holding a driver’s licence and diagnosed with a mental health condition/s, including: schizophrenia, stress/anxiety disorder, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder.
 • Studies investigating medication/drugs tested on drivers with mental health conditions if the studies investigated the effects of the medication/drugs on driving ability.
 • Publications in English and available in full text.
Exclusion Criteria
 • Conference proceedings.
 • Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).
 • Drivers diagnosed with sleep disorders/ insomnia, drugs or alcohol abuse, mood disorders such as anger or aggression, where a mental health condition was not specifically diagnosed.
 • Drivers experiencing stress or generalised anxiety with no diagnosis, or driving phobia or fear of driving.
 • Studies investigating medication/drugs for mental health conditions, tested on healthy adults to determine effect on fitness-to-drive.