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Table 3 Item-level rating on the QPR-J (N = 197)

From: The Japanese version of the questionnaire about the process of recovery: development and validity and reliability testing

No.ItemMeanStandard DeviationMedianIQRa
1I feel better about myself2.510.9832–3
2I feel able to take chances in life2.411.1622–3
3I am able to develop positive relationships with other people2.480.9032–3
4I feel part of society rather than isolated2.241.0722–3
5I am able to assert myself2.460.9232–3
6I feel that my life has a purpose2.581.1232–3
7My experiences have changed me for the better2.920.9033–4
8I have been able to come to terms with things that have happened to me in the past and move on with my life2.680.9832–3
9I am basically strongly motivated to get better3.370.7943–4
10I can recognise the positive things I have done2.401.0422–3
11I am able to understand myself better2.720.8832–3
12I can take charge of my life2.281.0322–3
13I am able to access independent support3.090.8733–4
14I can weigh up the pros and cons of psychiatric treatment2.441.0022–3
15I feel my experiences have made me more sensitive towards others2.610.9232–3
16Meeting people who have had similar experiences makes me feel better2.870.9932–4
17My recovery has helped challenge other peoples views about getting better2.240.9522–3
18I am able to make sense of my distressing experiences2.341.1122–3
19I can actively engage with life2.451.0832–3
20I realise that the views of some mental health professionals is not the only way of looking at things2.720.9632–3
21I can take control of aspects of my life2.280.9322–3
22I can find the time to do the things I enjoy2.770.9632–3
  1. a: IQR: Interquartile range