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Table 1 Studies meeting inclusion criteria

From: How effective are interventions to improve social outcomes among offenders with personality disorder: a systematic review

Author/s (Date published) Title Place of publication Extractable data
Davidson et al. [33] Cognitive behaviour therapy for violent men with antisocial personality disorder in the community: an exploratory randomized controlled trial Psychological Medicine Yes
Fones et al. [26] The sexual struggles of 23 clergymen: A follow-up study Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy No
Outcomes for PDOs not reported separately
Fortune et al. [35] Clinical and economic outcomes from the UK pilot psychiatric services for personality-disordered offenders International Review of Psychiatry Yes
Grella et al. [27] Follow-up of cocaine-dependent men and women with antisocial personality disorder Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment No
Outcomes for PDOs not reported separately
ASPD reported separately but criminal history unclear (probation supervision: 54% men, 43.7% women)
Krampen [37] Psychotherapeutic processes and outcomes in outpatient treatment of antisocial behavior: An integrative psychotherapy approach Journal of Psychotherapy Integration Yes
Lindstedt et al. [31] Mentally disordered offenders’ daily occupations after one year of forensic care Scandinavian Journal of Occupational Therapy No
27% PDOs
Outcomes for PDOs not reported separately
Öhlin et al. [32] Buprenorphine maintenance program with contracted work/education and low tolerance for non-prescribed drug use: a cohort study of outcome for women and men after seven years BMC Psychiatry Yes
Ryan et al. [28] A follow up-study of probation service-approved premises residents in contact with mental health services Journal of Forensic Psychiatry and Psychology No
PDOs 6.6%
Outcomes for PDOs not reported separately
Simpson et al. [29] Outcome of patients rehabilitated through a New Zealand Forensic Psychiatry Service: A 7.5 year retrospective study Behavioral Sciences and the Law No
Outcomes for PDOs not reported separately
Whitehead et al. [38] Time for a change: Applying the good lives model of rehabilitation to a high-risk violent offender International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology Yes
Wolff et al. [30] Practice informs the next generation of behavioral health and criminal justice interventions International Journal of Law and Psychiatry No
Outcomes for PDOs not reported separately