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Table 2 Youth Recommendations for Positive Service Experiences Across the Transition: Pre-, Peri- and Post-Transition Factors

From: Youth experiences of transition from child mental health services to adult mental health services: a qualitative thematic synthesis

Pre-Transition (CAMHS) • CAMHS clinician qualities (ex. tenacity, flexibility, instilling hope, providing support and reassurance, non-judgmental, good listener)
• Preparation (ex. early notification of transition to AMHS)
• Youth involvement in transition planning
Peri-Transition (CAMHS-AMHS) • Individualized care plans geared towards youth goals of functioning
• Increased autonomy in decision-making
• Community supports and primary care physicians who provide “scaffolding” across the transition from CAMHS to AMHS
• Gradual and flexible timing of transition
• Care continuity (ex. “Joint working” or “Parallel Care” between CAMHS and AMHS)
 • Relational care continuity to reduce fear of losing relationships with pre-transition staff and to promote comfort with AMHS
 • System-level continuity to reduce gaps
Post-Transition (AMHS) • Staff support and practical structure
• Autonomy in treatment decisions
• Choice about parental involvement
• Physical care environments geared toward young adults
• Informational continuity (ie. sharing of clinical information between CAMHS and AMHS)