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Table 1 Participating GPs’ characteristics

From: German general practitioners’ self-reported management of patients with chronic depression

N 220
Age in years, mean (SD) 54.4 (8.5)
Female, n (%) 120 (54.5)*
Clinical experience in years, mean (SD) 27.2 (9.3)
Qualification of psychosomatic basic medical care, n (%)** 178 (80.9)
Location of GP’s practice: rather rural, n (%) 111 (50.5)
Profile of GP’s practice: single, n (%) 130 (59.1)*
Patients per quarter, mean (SD) 1048.4 (351.1)*
Number of patients per quarter treated for depression, mean (SD) 104.8 (103.8)
Number of patients per quarter treated for chronic depression, mean (SD) 60.0 (62.8)
  1. *significant difference (p < .05) compared to overall average of German GPs (due to specific characteristics of GPs from Thuringia)
  2. **Additional qualification needed for monetary compensation of psychosocial exploration, counseling, educational and motivational techniques. Established in the 1990s the curriculum aims to improve quality of care and has become mandatory for all vocational trainees who want to specialize in the discipline of General Practice