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Table 2 Treatment targets, measurement method and reporting method for primary outcomes

From: Dialectical behaviour therapy for treating adults and adolescents with emotional and behavioural dysregulation: study protocol of a coordinated implementation in a publicly funded health service

  Completed by
Treatment target Measure Adults Adolescents DBT Therapists
Life threatening behaviours Self-harm Self-harm Inventory [58]   
  Client record form2   
E.D. visits Client record form   
Hospital admissions Client record form   
Suicidal Ideation Questionnaire for suicidal ideation  
Treatment interfering behaviours Attendance Individual therapy/group skills logs3   
Use of phone coaching Phone coaching logs3   
Quality of life interfering behaviours Depression Beck Depression Inventory – II [59] Beck Depression Inventory-Youth [60]  
Borderline symptoms Borderline Symptoms Checklist [55]  
Hopelessness Beck Hopelessness Scale [61]  
Quality of life EQ-5D-5 L [62]  
Dysfunctional coping DBT Ways of Coping Checklist [63]  
Anger STAXI - 2 [64] STAXI - C/A [65]  
Skill utilisation Skills use DBT Ways of Coping Checklist  
  1. 2Developed by research team in consultation with DBT therapists to systematically gather data pertinent to the Irish public health service. Self-harm behaviour frequency and type, number of Emergency Department visits, and number and duration of acute psychiatric inpatient admissions per patient
  2. 3Developed by research team and outlined in more detail under Implementation Evaluation