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Table 1 Measurement instruments

From: Intensive home treatment for patients in acute psychiatric crisis situations: a multicentre randomized controlled trial

      Timetable (weeks)
Categories Subcategories Instruments About By Base-line 6 26 52
Demographics Diversity of questions Pat & Re All x    
Safety Harm, violence, and suicide SDAS (short) Pat Prof. x x   
Psychiatric symptoms Diagnostic Classification DSM-IV-TR /V Pat Prof. x    
  Psychosocial functioning HoNOS Pat Prof. x x   
  Symptoms BSI (short) Pat Res x x   x
  Symptoms BPRS Pat Res x x x x
Treatment satisfaction Patients’ satisfaction ZUF-8 Pat Res   x   x
  Patients’ treatment satisfaction TPQ Pat Res   x   
  Relatives’ satisfaction CIS Re Re   x   x
  Professionals’ satisfaction Self-developed Prof. Prof.   x   
Social support & Network extent Patients’ perspective Personal recovery Pat Res x x x x
  Relatives’ perspective BES Re Re x x   x
Self-efficacy   MHCS Pat Res x x x x
Quality of life   EQ-5D-5L Pat Res x x x x
   SF-12 Pat Res x   x x
   MANSA Pat Res x    x
Substance use Alcohol AUDIT Pat Res x   x x
  substance abuse MATE-I Pat Res x   x x
Cost-effectiveness direct medical contacts TiC-P Pat Res x   x x
  Delivered informal care and support by relative iVICQ (short) Re Re x x   x
  Absenteeism from work PRODISQ (short) Pat Res. x   x x
Supplementary Symptoms S&P Pat Prof. x    
  1. Pat = participant/patient; Re = relative; Prof. = professional; Res = researcher; Self = self report; Int = Interview
  2. AUDIT = Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test (AUDIT); BES = Betrokkenen Evaluatie Schaal [Stakeholders Evaluation Scale]; BPRS = Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale; BSI = Brief Symptom Inventory; CIS = Contact, Information and Support; CSQ = Client Satisfaction Questionnaire; DSM = Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disease; EQ-5D-5L = European Quality of Life, 5 Dimensional, 5 level; HoNOS = Health of the Nation Outcome Scale; iVICQ = iMTA Valuation of Informal Care Questionnaire; MANSA = Manchester Short Assessment of Quality of Live; MATE = Measurements in the Addictions for Triage and Evaluation; MHCS = Mental Health Confidence Scale; PRODISQ = Productivity and Disease Questionnaire; SDAS = Social Dysfunction and Aggression Scale; SF-12 = Short Form health survey; S&P = Staging and Profiling; TPQ = Treatment Perception Questionnaire; TiC-P = Trimbos Institute and Institute of Medical Technology Questionnaire for Costs Associated with psychiatric Illness; ZUF-8 = Zufriedenheit-8 (Satisfaction scale)