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Table 2 Univariable logistic regression model for willingness to engage in befriending

From: Preferences for befriending schemes: a survey of patients with severe mental illness

VariablesUnivariable analysisMultivariable analysis
OR(95% CI)P-valueOR(95% CI)P-value
Age1.000(0.974 to 1.026).983
Gender (male)0.835(0.461 to 1.512).551
Heard of befriending (Y)1.213(0.685 to 2.147).508   
Diagnostic Group (F3)1.000(0.523 to 1.913)1.00   
Years since diagnosis1.003(0.974 to 1.033).852
Weekly working hours0.977(0.942 to 1.014).229
Monthly Income1.000(0.999 to 1.001).512
Time use (hours)0.998(0.924 to 1.077).951
Social Contacts0.876(0.770 to 0.998).0460.884(0.774 to 1.011).072
Loneliness1.387(1.112 to 1.729).0041.220(0.945 to 1.577).128
SQOL0.627(0.469 to 0.838).0020.707(0.506 to 0.990).043