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Table 1 Modules of the online program EviBaS

From: An internet-based intervention for people with psychosis (EviBaS): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Name Description
Introduction Reflect on thoughts, feelings and behavior to understand and decrease the symptom burden.
Feelings of Threat Review the effects of paranoia on individual goals and needs.
Voice Hearing Learn strategies to reduce distress caused by hearing voices (better coping, influence the evaluation of voices).
Self-Worth Find forgotten strengths and train a balanced sense of self.
Overcoming Depression Set up activities and scrutinize depressing thoughts.
Worrying Minimize upholding factors of worry and tackle worries with problem solving skills.
Sleep Discuss maintaining factors of the sleep disorder, such as sleep hindering thoughts or disadvantageous surrounding factors.
Mindfulness Exercise to direct your attention on one thing without judgement.
Metacognition Learn in interactive exercises to avoid jumping to conclusions and overconfidence in errors.
Social Competence Plan and train three different types of social situations: enforcing interests, shaping relationships, and winning sympathies.
Relapse Prevention Collect individual warning signs and plan ahead.