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Table 4 Relative stability in mental disorders from age 19–29 to age 30–42 estimated with logistic regression

From: Prevalence and stability of mental disorders among young adults: findings from a longitudinal study

  Disorder in W1 not adjusted for each other OR
(95% CI)
MDD and Anxiety in W1 mutually adjusted for each other OR
(95% CI)
MDD in wave 2
 MDD in wave 1 3.56***
 Anxiety in wave 1 2.61***
Anxiety in wave 2
 MDD in wave 1 3.94***
 Anxiety in wave 1 9.01***
AUD in wave 2 8.10***  
 AUD in wave 1 (3.69–17.76)  
  1. Legends: OR Odds ratio, CI Confidence interval, MDD Major depressive disorder, Anxiety = Any anxiety disorder W1–2 (Panic disorder, agoraphobia without panic, specific phobias, social phobia and/or generalized anxiety disorder (GAD)). Standard errors were obtained from the robust estimator in Stata, accounting for cluster-effects among twins
  2. Men and women were collapsed in the analyses to increase statistical power. All analyses were adjusted for age in wave 1