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Table 1 Content of close-out survey for primary care providers

From: Evaluation of an electronic consultation service in psychiatry for primary care providers

Question Response Options
Q1. Which of the following best describes the outcome of this eConsultation for your patient: 1. I was able to confirm a course of action that I originally had in mind;
2. I got new advice for a new or additional course of action;
3. I did not find the response very useful;
4. None of the above.
Q2. As a result of the eConsultation would you say that: 1. Referral was originally contemplated but now avoided at this stage;
2. Referral was originally contemplated and is still needed – this eConsult likely leads to a more effective visit;
3. Referral was not originally contemplated and is still not needed – this eConsult provided useful feedback/instruction;
4. Referral was not originally contemplated, but eConsult process resulted in a referral being initiated;
5. There was no particular benefit to using eConsult in this case;
6. Other (please explain).
Q3. Please rate the overall value of the eConsult. Minimal 1 2 3 4 5 Excellent
Q4. Please rate the overall value of the eConsult service in this case for you as a primary care providers. Minimal 1 2 3 4 5 Excellent
Q5. We would value any additional feedback you provide: