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Table 3 Interview Topic Guide

From: How is a specialist depression service effective for persistent moderate to severe depressive disorder?: a qualitative study of service user experience

1. What can you tell me about how you became involved in this research?
• Who told you about it
• How they told you
• Why you wanted to be part of this research
2. Can you tell me why this research is needed?
• What does this service offer now?
• Do you know what the desired outcome of the research is?
3. Do you have views on how you would like the service here to change?
4. Do you know who is involved in this research, which doctors, nurses or other people?
5. What are you hoping to get from your involvement with the research/service?
6. In addition to the services you receive here, do you take any other steps to relieve your symptoms?
7. Could involvement in this research lead you to do anything different?
8. Have you seen changes in the service since you first became a service user?
9. Do you know what has helped to make change happen? (give examples)
10. Or got in the way of change happening? (give examples)
11. Looking at the research and the efforts to improve the service, are there any things you would have liked to see done differently?
12. Is there anything else that you would like to tell me?