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Table 1 Bloom Program components

From: Patient care activities by community pharmacists in a capitation funding model mental health and addictions program

Component Component description
1. Linkages Developing and maintaining linkages with community mental health organizations.
2. Outreach Providing outreach activities by the pharmacy and its pharmacists to support the local mental health community.
3. Collaboration Enhancing collaboration and communication with other health providers, especially primary care and mental health and addictions care services.
4. Resources Developing a local mental health knowledge exchange “resource centre”.
5. Training Providing program-related education and training to all pharmacy team members.
6. Patient registration Enrolment of targeted eligible patients by pharmacists with the program.
7. Enhanced patient care Providing enhanced patient support services including:
– Mental health and addictions systems navigation, resources and access support
– Triage of care to appropriate health providers as indicated
– In depth medication therapy management involving enhanced monitoring and overall assessment of addictions and mental illness as well as physical health disorders and their treatments
– Collaboration with patients, families and other care providers to identify and resolve mental and physical health problems
– Education consultations regarding mental health disorders and their treatment
– Real-time support in person or via telephone during posted pharmacy operations
8. Quality assurance Pharmacies participating in the program will maintain records demonstrating adherence to the program’s critical components. Participating pharmacies will apply to continue with the program every 2 years.
9. Program evaluation A comprehensive evaluation of the Bloom Program.