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Table 3 Medication therapy issue eligibility criteria for Bloom Program patients

From: Patient care activities by community pharmacists in a capitation funding model mental health and addictions program

Treatment optimization: Following a standard trial of recent mental health/addictions pharmacotherapy, there is non-response or partial response requiring change in pharmacotherapy.
Treatment adverse effect: Experiencing a treatment-limiting adverse effect to current mental health or addictions medication(s) requiring change in pharmacotherapy.
Non-adherence: Medication refusal or non-adherence leading to a current or a near-recent decompensation of mental illness or addiction.
Medication withdrawal: Difficulty tapering and stopping treatment for a mental health or addictions problem in a stable patient.
Inappropriate polytherapy: Taking multiple medications, including psychotropics and non-psychotropics, that is causing functional impairment requiring modifications including medication discontinuation(s) on the basis of safety, redundancy, and absence of indication.