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Table 1 TAO content

From: An internet-based intervention for adjustment disorder (TAO): study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Module Aims of the module Contents
0. Welcome module: starting this program. - Providing information about TAO.
- Promoting the adherence to the program.
- Enhancing motivation for change.
- Information about the contents of each module.
- Recommendations to get the maximum benefit from the program.
- Meditation on reasons to change.
- Goal setting.
1. Understanding emotional reactions. - Providing information about AjD and common reactions to stressful events.
- Learning of strategies to manage negative emotions.
- Psychoeducation.
- Behavior activation.
- Slow breathing technique.
2. Learning to deal with negative emotions. - Facing avoided situations that contribute to the maintenance of the problem.
- Improving the ability to deal with everyday challenges.
- Exposure.
- Problem solving technique.
3. Accepting problems. - Becoming aware of the personal experiences related to the stressful event.
- Elaborating and processing the stressful event through the acceptance of the problematic situation.
- Mindfulness.
- The Book of Life: Acceptance.
- Elaboration of a metaphorical meaning for the stressful event.
4. Learning form problems. - Starting to see problems as opportunities to grow and learn.
- Elaborating and processing the stressful event through the confrontation of the problematic situation.
- Promoting personal growth.
- Psychoeducation on the positive contribution of problems.
- The Book of Life: Confrontation.
- Development of personal strengths.
5. Changing the meaning of problems. - Elaborating and processing the stressful event through the development of a new meaning for the problematic situation.
- Developing a new attitude towards problems.
- Elaboration of a new metaphorical meaning for the stressful event.
- The Book of Life: Change the meaning.
- Letter of projection towards the future.
- Choice of a personal life motto.
6. Relapse prevention. - Assessing achievements accomplished so far.
- Reviewing of leaned techniques.
- Identifying problematic situations an developing a plan to deal with them.
- Review of the therapeutic achievements.
- Action plan to deal with future problems.