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Table 3 Questions asked to patients and healthcare professionals

From: Facilitators and barriers to modifying dietary and hygiene behaviours as adjuvant treatment in patients with depression in primary care: a qualitative study

Patients Professionals
- Do you know anything about lifestyle modification (diet, exercise, etc.) in order to change your mood and depression?
- All of you have taken part in a research project about modifying lifestyles. Did these recommendations that were given to you show you something new that you did not know?
- Did you follow the recommendations for modifying lifestyles?
If NOT, why didn’t you follow them?
- How did you feel when you followed the recommendations? And when you didn’t?
- What difficulties did you encounter in implementing the recommendations?
- Do you think these recommendations helped you?
- What do you think about the doctor’s role?
- And about the way of carrying out this modification?
- Do you think another type of intervention would have helped you? Would an educational group or another kind of intervention have helped you?
- Do you think there is something more that can be done to help you to modify your lifestyle when depressed?
- How do you think you should make recommendations for modifying life styles?
- And to a patient with depression?
- Do you know how this intervention can help him/her?
- Do you think these recommendations can be effective? And do you believe the patient thinks that they work?
- What difficulties do you think depressed patients have in changing their behaviour?
- And what feelings do they have?
- And as for modifying lifestyles, do you work in a different way in the case of a depressed patient?
- What do you think is necessary in order to be effective when modifying lifestyles?
- What do you think about educational groups?
- And about follow-up?
- Do you think these interventions are feasible from PC?
- What difficulties do you encounter when giving this type of advice?
- What is the appropriate level (or department or system) to implement this kind of interventions?