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Table 3 Examples of participant quotes for theme 2 Conveying the workbook

From: Developing an emotional coping skills workbook for inpatient psychiatric settings: a focus group investigation

2.1 Optimising the content I2: The thoughts that people have when they’re psychotic ….have that utter ring of truth… you’d have to begin by saying ‘I know that feels 100% true, but let’s just have another hypothesis’ (I2).
FG4-P6: Our feelings always make sense on one level or another’. It’s quite an interesting phrase really; if you’ve got delusional beliefs that you’re Jesus, God, da Vinci, whoever, now…uh…to sort of say ‘That makes sense’…. I’m uncomfortable with that actually.
FG2-P5: Some of them, their concentration levels are…just below there. So, to have them concentrate on something is to have something which has got an impact on them, like a picture. Bright coloured picture.
FG2-P1: They’re very visually orientated with things …. [whereas with the] amount of content on the page - they might just go ‘Well you can skip that right out!’
2.2 Delivering the content FG1-P1: If I went in there with one of these and tried to say ‘Let’s look at your feelings’…they’d say ‘Leave me alone for now’…if I went in there…like ‘Let’s talk about some of the things that’s going on in your life that’s distressing you’…you bring emotion into it along with what the problems are. So it’s a different way of bringing in the emotion.
I1: So it’s something about making it visible? And…not very stigmatised, in terms of you know, you could pick up a magazine, you could pick up this. Just so that it’s part of the culture really…so the patients have got it and it’s around.
FG4-P4: For me, I feel this book also you can’t implement it as a whole, but each part has its importance, and I think some of our nurses and our support workers…they can take part of it and do that one-to-one, about your feelings, about…‘What made you sad?’, and…use that book as a tool.
FG1-P2: Maybe like a session on...a summary of physical traits of different emotions…I think if you...went and gave someone this they’d just be like ‘Oh gosh, what’s all this?’ But I think if you just…take it down into bite-sized chunks.