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Table 1 Clinical Staging Framework for Mental Health Disorders [4]

From: Youth at-risk for serious mental illness: methods of the PROCAN study

Stage Definition
0 No clinical symptoms
• Increased risk of disorder (family history)
1a Distress Disorder
• No attenuated psychotic symptoms
• Non-specific symptoms of anxiety or depression
• Mild to moderate severity of symptoms
• May include subjective/objective evidence of mild cognitive deficits.
• Evidence of only recent or mild impacts of illness on social, educational or occupational function
1b Attenuated Syndromes
• Distress disorder plus at least one moderate-severe attenuated psychotic symptom (unusual thoughts, suspiciousness, perceptual abnormalities, grandiosity, disorganization)
• Specific symptoms of anxiety or depression, brief hypomania or brief psychotic phenomena
• May include subjective/objective evidence of at least moderate cognitive change
• Moderate to severe impact of illness on social, education or employment functioning
2 Discrete Disorders
• Discrete episodes of psychosis, mania or severe depression
• Full threshold disorder with moderate-severe symptoms and persistence over time
• Illness is having a major impact on social, educational or occupational functioning
Stages not Relevant for this Project
Incomplete remission to multiple relapses
Unremitting course of illness