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Table 1 Overview of measurement instruments

From: Effectiveness of an intervention for managing victimization risks related to societal participation for persons with severe mental illness: a cluster RCT study protocol

Concept Instrument Level T0 T1 T2a
Primary outcome measures
 Societal participation Birchwood Social Functioning Scale (SFS) Client x x x
 Criminal victimization The Safety Monitor, section 4 Client x x x
 Discrimination and stigmatization Discrimination and Stigma Scale (DISC-12) Client x x x
 Perceived safety The Safety Monitor, section 3 Client x x x
Secondary outcome measures
 Acknowledgement of adversities Structured questionnaire on feelings when discussing adversities Client x x x
 Knowledge on rehabilitation and adversities Structured questionnaire MHP x x x
 Self-efficacy Mental Health Confidence Scale (MHCS) Client x x x
 Quality of Life Manchester Short Assessment of Quality of Life (MANSA) Client x x x
 General psycho-social functioning The Health of the Nation Outcome Scales (HoNOS) MHP x x x
Additional and control measures
 Socio-demographic characteristics Structured questionnaire Client x x x
 Primary diagnosis Structured questionnaire MHP x   
 Number of years in MHC Structured questionnaire Client x   
 Social Support Inventory of Social Reliance Client x x x
 Neighborhood nuisance The Safety Monitor, section 1 and 2 Client x x x
 Perpetration The Safety Monitor, section 5 Client x x x
 FACT fidelity CCAF scores Team x   x
 Adherence to rehabilitation principles Treatment plan (sample of 15% per team) Client x   x
  1. aT0 baseline, T1 9 months follow-up, T2 18 months follow-up