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Table 2 clinical assessment time points

From: N-acetylcysteine as add-on to antidepressant medication in therapy refractory major depressive disorder patients with increased inflammatory activity: study protocol of a double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial

  Physical Examination Scale Assessments Medication use inventory Laboratory examinations
Baseline Scale 1, Scale 2, Scale 3 Routine test, Specific test
Week 2 Scale 1   
Week 4 Scale 1, Scale 2   
Week 6   Scale 1   
Week 8 Scale 1, Scale 2   
Week 10   Scale 1   
Week 12 Scale 1, Scale 2 Routine test, Specific test
  1. Week 2 indicates that the time point is at the end of the second week after baseline, while other time points are synchronized in the same way