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Table 2 An overview of the content of the online ERITA

From: Extending research on Emotion Regulation Individual Therapy for Adolescents (ERITA) with nonsuicidal self-injury disorder: open pilot trial and mediation analysis of a novel online version

Adolescent treatment
(Module) Content
Parent program
(Module) Content
(1) Functions of NSSI and valued directions (1) Psychoeducation
(2) Impulse control (2) Emotional awareness
(3) Functionality of emotions and emotional awareness (3) Validation and invalidation
(4) Primary vs. secondary emotions (4) Self-validation and self- invalidation
(5) Emotional avoidance / unwillingness vs. emotional acceptance / willingness (5) How to improve parenting in the long run / behavioral activation
(6) Emotional willingness / approach (6) Summary and evaluation
(7) Emotional willingness / approach  
(8) Non-avoidant emotion regulation strategies  
(9) Validation and emotional approach  
(10) Repetition  
(11) Relapse prevention