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Table 2 Stigma experience by type and source and its examplesa

From: A qualitative study on the stigma experienced by people with mental health problems and epilepsy in the Philippines

Psychological abuse
Family My other siblings say that she’s crazy. (Interview 70, Sister of PMHP)
Friends Her classmates were bullying her (Interview 21, Mother of PMHP)
Neighbours They [neighbours] say bad things to me like “abnoy” [“abnormal” in Tagalog]. (Interview 55, PMHP)
Coworkers, Employers I don’t like them [coworkers] gossiping about me. (Interview 32, PMHP)
Health care providers They told me that I was lazy. (Interview 42, PMHP)
Strangers on the street When a vehicle stopped and the driver stared at her I got mad. (Interview 38, Father of PMHP)
Physical violence
Family He [Father] sometimes slaps him. (Interview 15, Mother of PMHP)
Friends My high school friends started throwing stones at me and saying I’m crazy (Interview 6, PMHP)
Neighbours When my neighbour hit him I needed to bring him to the hospital (Interview 1, Mother of PMHP)
Public safety officers They [public safety officers] hit me and I was very scared. (Interview 58, PMHP)
Family We tied him down with a rope because he would always wander around. (Interview 43, Mother of PMHP)
Not supported
Family Her brothers don’t understand her. (Interview 8, Sister of PMHP)
Friends No one really understands me, even my friends. (Interview 60, PMHP)
Coworkers, Employers They [coworkers] usually laugh because they don’t know it’s hard having this problem. (Interview 12, PMHP)
Taken advantage of
Neighbours He usually rents a bike in our neighbour for five pesos, but sometimes he’ll pay with twenty pesos and they won’t give him the change. (Interview 7, Mother of PMHP)
Family We had to let him live with us because his parents abandoned him when he was little. (Interview 44, Aunt of PMHP)
Health care providers When we visited the hospital, we saw that she was naked and she was already held with other mental patients in the room. There were no assessments done for her [for urinary tract infection]. (Interview 38, Father of PMHP)
Family My brother says to “keep her out of the home.” (Interview 63, Sister of PMHP)
Friends [Researcher: Did he have many friends?] Yes, before. But now, they avoid him. (Interview 65, Mother of PMHP)
Coworkers, Employers I kept failing to find a job. That’s why I need to hide it [mental health problem]. (Interview 16, PMHP)
  1. aA listed source with an example of a particular type of stigma experience indicates that at least one incidence of that type was reported by the participant