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Table 7 ICD-11 “Cross Walk” for DSM-5 Alternative Model of Personality Disorders

From: Application of the ICD-11 classification of personality disorders

ICD-11 Severity of Personality Dysfunction DSM-5 Criterion A: Level of Personality Functioning
None 0) No impairment (Healthy Functioning)
Personality Difficulty 1) Some impairment
Mild Personality Disorder 2) Moderate impairment
Moderate Personality Disorder 3) Severe impairment
Severe Personality Disorder 4) Extreme impairment
ICD-11 Trait Domain Qualifiers DSM-5 Criterion B: Trait Domains
Negative Affectivity Negative Affectivity
Detachment Detachment
Disinhibition Disinhibition
Dissociality Antagonism
Anankastia [Rigid Perfectionism and Perseveration]a
  1. Note. The threshold for a Personality Disorder diagnosis is a t least Mild Personality Disorder (ICD-11) or Moderate impairment of personality functioning (DSM-5)
  2. aThese are facets from the domains of (low) Disinhibition and (high) Negative Affectivity, respectively