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Table 3 The correct response rate of MHKQ (n = 1087)

From: Evaluation of attitudes and knowledge toward mental disorders in a sample of the Chinese population using a web-based approach

Item n Percent (%)
1. Mental health is a component of health. (true) 1047 96.3
2. Mental disorders are caused by incorrect thinking. (false) 596 54.8
3. Many people have mental problems but do not realise it. (true) 1052 96.8
4. All mental disorders are caused by external stressors. (false) 653 60.1
5. Components of mental health include normal intelligence, stable mood, a positive attitude, quality interpersonal relationship and adaptability. (true) 1035 95.2
6. Most mental disorders cannot be cured. (false) 742 68.3
7. Psychological or psychiatric services should be sought if one suspects the presence of psychological problems or a mental disorder. (true) 969 89.1
8. Psychological problems can occur at almost any age. (true) 1049 96.5
9. Mental disorders and psychological problems cannot be prevented. (false) 825 75.9
10. Even for severe mental disorders (eg, schizophrenia), medications should be taken for a given period of time only; there is no need to take them for a long time. (false) 887 81.6
11. Positive attitudes, good interpersonal relationships and healthy life style can help maintain mental health. (true) 1046 96.2
12. Individuals with a family history of mental disorders are at a higher risk for psychological problems and mental disorders. (true) 981 90.2
13. Psychological problems in adolescents do not influence academic grades. (false) 964 88.7
14. Middle-aged or elderly individuals are unlikely to develop psychological problems and mental disorders. (false) 957 88.0
15. Individuals with a bad temperament are more likely to have mental problems. (true) 838 77.1
16. Mental problems or disorders may occur when an individual is under psychological stress facing major life events (eg, death of family members). (true) 1031 94.8
17. Have you heard about International Mental Health Day? (yes) 613 56.4
18. Have you heard about the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Drug Trafficking? (yes) 947 87.1
19. Have you heard about the International Suicide Prevention Day? (yes) 345 31.7
20. Have you heard about World Sleep Day? (yes) 694 63.8