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Table 2 Preventive treatments mentioned in interviews (arranged by frequency)

From: Implementing prevention of seasonal affective disorder from patients’ and physicians’ perspectives – a qualitative study

Category Interventions Used/recommended by
Lifestyle changes • Physical activity
• Spending time outdoors
• Structured lifestyle (e.g. appointments, hobbies)
• Vacation in sunny regions
• Balanced diet
Patients and physicians
Antidepressants • Preventive use of antidepressants
• Maintenance therapy with antidepressants
Patients and physicians
Light therapy • Starting light therapy in fall before symptoms
• Starting light therapy with first mild symptoms
Patients and physicians
Psychotherapy • Continuation of therapy Patients and physicians
Other interventions • Vitamin D
• St. John’s wort
• Relaxation techniques (e.g. massages)
• Alternative treatments (e.g. qi gong, osteopathy)