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Table 3 Factors influencing preventive behaviour in SAD patients

From: Implementing prevention of seasonal affective disorder from patients’ and physicians’ perspectives – a qualitative study

Level Factor (Theme) Sub-factor (Subtheme)
Individual Knowledge about disease and preventive treatment options • Patients’/Physicians’ knowledge about mechanisms of SAD
• Patients’/Physicians’ knowledge about preventive treatment options
Individual Experience with treatment in acute phase • Patients’ experience with treatment in acute phases in terms of efficacy
• Patients’ experience with side effects of treatment
Individual Acceptability of intervention • Perception of SAD as biologically/psychosocially caused
• Attitude toward treatment options
Individual Willingness to take responsibility for oneself • Psychological strain
• Time of disease experience
• (Lack of) discipline
Interpersonal Social and work environment • Support from social network
• Compatibility with daily routines
Structural Healthcare system • Access
• Costs
  1. Abbreviation: SAD seasonal affective disorder