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Table 2 Area of decreased amplitude of low frequency fluctuation (ALFF) and altered functional connectivity (FC) in female subjects with major depressive disorder compared to healthy controls

From: Abnormal resting state activity of left middle occipital gyrus and its functional connectivity in female patients with major depressive disorder

Metrics Brain region (BA area) Cluster size MNI coordinates T values
ALFF Left Middle Occipital Gyrus (BA37)(L-MOG) 159 −30 −93 3 −2.90
L-MOG seed FC Left Medial Prefrontal Gyrus(BA9/10)(L-mPFG) 115 −6 57 18 3.44
Left Hippocampus (BA21) 112 −33 −33 −9 5.09
Left Orbitofrontal cortex (BA11/47) (L-OFC) 85 −12 33 −27 −4.14
  1. Abbreviations: BA Brodmann area, MNI Montreal Neurologic Institute