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Table 1 Outcomes of interest and definitions of ‘end of care’ categories for analysis

From: Outcomes of telephone-delivered low-intensity cognitive behaviour therapy (LiCBT) to community dwelling Australians with a recent hospital admission due to depression or anxiety: MindStep™

  Defining criteria
 Recovery Number of clients who were at or above caseness (PHQ-9 > 9 and/or GAD-7 > 7) before treatment, then below caseness in both PHQ-9 and GAD-7 after treatment
 Reliable improvement Number of clients who demonstrated an improvement of ≥6 on PHQ-9 and/or ≥ 4 on GAD-7, regardless of whether this change meant that they were still in caseness. Reliable improvement refers to the improvement in the PHQ-9 and GAD-7 scores that is sufficient to conclude that the improvement in the scores is beyond that which could be attributed to measurement error. It is an important measure for showing improvement in clients with more severe baseline symptom scores
 Reliable recovery Number of clients that both moved to recovery and showed reliable improvement
Clinical software category
 Completed all sessions Client has completed at least assessment plus 2 or more treatment sessions (up to a total of 6) and deactivated as completed.
 Completed all sessions and stepped up to other services Client completed up to 6 sessions plus assessment (and was considered as completed program) but also required to be stepped up to higher intensity mental health services.
 Not suitable at assessment Client has complex or multi-morbid mental health conditions and deemed unsuitable for MindStep™.
 Client declined treatment Client made an informed choice not to participate in MindStep™ after the first assessment or first treatment session.
 Stepped up The service did not meet the clients’ level of clinical need following assessment and before receiving a minimum of 2 further sessions, and was stepped up to higher intensity mental health services.
 DNA Client cancelled in advance of appointment or did not respond to contact attempts at the scheduled appointment.
 Deceased Client is deceased post referral.
 Client drop out Client drops out post-assessment before receiving a minimum of 2 further sessions; and unable to re-establish contact with no response from contact attempts.
  1. Source: National Health Service 2011, UK [18]