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Table 3 Use of intervention components during the first second 3 months of access among those offered extended access only (n = 55)

From: Extending access to a web-based mental health intervention: who wants more, what happens to use over time, and is it helpful? Results of a concealed, randomized controlled extension study

Component First 3 months of access Second 3 months of access
Total Logins, median (Q1,Q3) 7 (2,22) 0 (0,2)
Total time on site in minutes, median (Q1,Q3) 97 (28,295) 0 (0,22)
‘Useful Stuff’ educational pages, median (Q1,Q3) 103 (17,249) 0 (0,32)
Forum postsa, median (Q1,Q3) 3 (0,12) 0 (0,1)
Total number of support course sessions, median (Q1,Q3)b 0 (0,3) 0 (0,0)
  1. aIncludes interactions with peers and WallGuides, as well as creative ‘bricks’ and related posts
  2. bTotal number of sessions completed; individual courses consist of multiple sessions, so this may represent sessions completed in multiple courses
  3. Q1 first quartile; Q3 third quartile