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Table 1 Schedule of enrolments, assessments and interventions

From: Activation therapy for the treatment of inpatients with depression – protocol for a randomised control trial compared to treatment as usual

  Enrolment STUDY PERIOD
Allocation   Post-allocation
TIMEPOINT** −3 to 0 days 0 0 1 week 2 weeks 8 weeks 14 weeks 1 year
1) Eligibility screen X        
2) Informed consent X        
3) Baseline measures (TAU)   X       
4) Baseline measures (AT)   X       
5) Allocation X        
Activation therapy    X X    
Treatment as usual    X X    
Actigraphy    X X    
Cognitive assessments    X     X  
FAST & QoL.BD    X     X  
MADRS & BDI-2    X   X X X  
Days spent in hospital         X
Readmissions        X X
  1. Abbreviations: TAU treatment as usual, AT activation therapy, FAST functioning assessment short test, QoL.BD quality of life in bipolar disorder questionnaire, MADRS Montgomery-Asberg Depression Rating Scale, BDI-2 Beck Depression Inventory - Second Edition