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Table 3 Characteristics of the decision making process: duration of decision-making, consultation and reasons to refuse the requesta

From: Euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide in patients suffering from psychiatric disorders: a cross-sectional study exploring the experiences of Dutch psychiatrists

  n = 66
% n
Duration decision process
 Mean (range) 52 days (0–365)  
 Other physician consulted
  No 35.9 23
  Yes, 64.1 41
   one other physician 40.6 26
   two other physicians 17.2 11
   three or more other physicians 6.3 4
Specialization of physicians consultedb n = 41
 SCEN physician 12.2 5
 SCEN physician who is also a psychiatrist 9.8 4
 Psychiatrist 82.9 34
 Other physician 24.4 10
Reasons to refuse requestc n = 66
 The due care requirements were not met 75.4 49
  Treatment alternatives had not been exhausted 53.1 34
  The suffering was not without prospect of improvement 29.7 19
  No voluntary and well-considered request 27.7 18
  Suffering was not unbearable 10.9 7
Personal objections to EAS in general 23.1 15
Personal objections specific to the case in question 12.3 8
Objections of the family 1.5 1
Otherd 6.3 4
  1. aMissing observations varied between and 2 and 6 (3–9%)
  2. bForty-one psychiatrists consulted another physician and answered this question. More than one answer possible
  3. cMore than one answer possible, 2 psychiatrists did not provide an explanation for refusing the request. 2 psychiatrists did not specify which due care criteria was not met
  4. dOther included: ‘contact with the patient provided the patient with prospect /hope after which the patient withdrew the request’, ‘physical suffering was the main issue’ and ‘I do not assist with suicide but I provide advice and services to enhance the practice of EAS’, ‘No experience with performing EAS’