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Table 1 Measurements across antenatal and postnatal period

From: Risk factors for impaired maternal bonding when infants are 3 months old: a longitudinal population based study from Japan

Antenatal Postnatal
1. First trimester of pregnancy (Pregnancy notification form) 2. Within two weeks after delivery (Birth registration form) 3. One month after delivery (Home visiting) 4. Three months after delivery (Infant’s check-up)
1–1. Mother’s age 2–1. Infant’s sex 3–1. Depression (EPDS) 4–1. The type of birth
1–2. Parity 2–2. Birth-weight   4–2. Feeding style
1–3. Maternal feelings toward pregnancy    4–3. Maternal health after delivery
1–4. Maternal stress symptoms    4–4. Maternal employment status during the antenatal period
1–5. Perceived mental illness before pregnancy    4–5. Gestational age
4–6. Maternal bonding (PBQ)