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Table 2 Data extraction form

From: A retrospective analysis of determinants of involuntary psychiatric in-patient treatment

Variables Categories
A. General data
 Case Code
 Postal code (determines hospital in charge)
 Date of admission and discharge
B. Treatment-related data
 Legal status upon admission/in the course of inpatient treatment Voluntary/Mental Health Act (PsychKG)/Legal guardianship (BGB)
 Hospital where treatment took place Hospital 1, Hospital 2, Hospital 3, Hospital 4
 Time of day of admission
C. Information on involuntary treatment (PsychKG NRW; Mental Health Act of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany)
 Time of initiation of PsychKG treatment Before admission, upon admission, after admission, information not available
 Who initiated PsychKG treatment? Psychosocial service, other hospital, other psychiatric hospital, own hospital, emergency doctor, other/unknown
 Reason for PsychKG treatment? Imminent danger to oneself, to others, both
D. Treatment before admission
 Treatment/contact with professional help system No previous treatment, psychiatric/psychotherapeutic outpatient treatment, outpatient unit/day hospital, psychosocial services, unknown
 Previous inpatient stays at a psychiatric hospital None, at least one, unknown
 Guardianship Yes – before admission, yes – after admission, no
E. Diagnosis related data
 Main/secondary diagnosis
(according to ICD-10, administered by clinician)
F0 (Organic mental disorders), F1 (Substance use disorders), F2 (Psychotic disorders), F3 Affective disorders), F4 (Neurotic disorders), F6 Personality disorders), F7 (Mental retardation), F9 (Behavioural and emotional disorders), other
 Suicidal behaviour, self-harm upon admission Not present, intentional self-harm, suicidal ideations, suicide attempt, unknown
 Previous suicide attempts No, once, several times, unknown
F. Sociodemographic data
 Gender Male/female
 Marital status Single, married, widowed, divorced, living apart, unknown
 Partnership Without partner, with partner, unknown
 Children None, one or more children, unknown
 Migratory background No migratory background, probably no migratory background, presumed migratory background, migratory background
 Living situation Home on his own, home together with family/partner, in community, assisted accommodation, emergency accommodation/homeless, unknown
 School education No degree, lower/higher certificate of secondary education, A-levels/high-school diploma, unknown
 Professional education None, apprenticeship, secondary apprenticeship, university degree, unknown
 Current professional situation Employed, unemployed, housewife/−husband, retired, in training, unknown
 Degree of employment None, part time, full time, unknown
 Main income source Employment, pension, own fortune, unemployment benefits, support, unknown