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Table 1 Triggers for clinicians telephone call based on inspecting of daily self-assessments in the Monsenso Daybuilder system

From: Circadian reinforcement therapy in combination with electronic self-monitoring to facilitate a safe post-discharge period of patients with depression by stabilizing sleep: protocol of a randomized controlled trial

Parameter Evaluation criteria for feedback
Sleep (one of these) More than 10 or less than 4 h sleep a night
A drop-in sleep quality of 4 or above (from 8 to 4 e.g.)
Variation of 3 h or more between two adjoining days in wake-up time or sleep onset
More than 3 awakenings a night for two nights
Late sleep for 3 days – with sleep onset after midnight and wake up time after 9 am
Depression severity (on of these) Drop in daily depression score of 3 or more (e.g. from 8 to 5)
A daily depression score of 2 or less
Morning depression score of 2 or less
Medication More than 1 day without medication registration
Activity More than 1 day without activity registration