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Table 2 Overview of domains, constructs, assessments, and respective time points at which each assessment is administered

From: “Choose change”: design and methods of an acceptance and commitment therapy effectiveness trial for transdiagnostic treatment-resistant patients

Choose Change: Assessment Overview
Domain Construct Instrument/Paradigm Assessment Time
BL Post FU-1 FU-4 FU-9 FU-12
Therapy Expectancy Expectancy Credibility and Expectancy Questionnaire (CEQ) x      
Psychological Flexibility Psychological Flexibility/ Emotional Avoidance Acceptance and Action Questionnaire – II (AAQ-II) x x     x
Process of Psychological Flexibility PsyFlex (PF) x x x x x x
Behavioral Test/Experiment Behavioral Avoidance Test (BAT): Heat Induction Test x x     x
Social interactions Overall Social Support Oslo Social Support Scale (OSS-3) x x     x
Social Interaction Social Interaction Scale (SIS) xi xi x x x xi
Relationship Satisfaction Relationship Assessment Scale (RAS) xi xi   x   xi
Social Network Quality Social Network Quality and Action Scale (SNQAS) xi xi x x x xi
ACT-Skills Cognitive Fusion Cognitive Fusion Questionnaire (CFQ) x x     x
Mindfulness Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire - short version (FFMQ-FS) x x     x
Values Valued Living Questionnaire (VLQ) x x     x
Well-being General Functioning WHO Disability Assessment Schedule 2.0 (WHODAS 2) xp x     x
Flourishing Mental Health/ well-being Mental Health Continuum – Short Form (MHC-SF) xip xi xi xi xi xi
Meaning of Life Meaning in Life Questionnaire (MLQ) x x     x
Emotion Regulation Problematic Emotion Regulation Difficulties in Emotion Regulation Scale (DERS) x x     x
Emotion Regulation Affective Style Questionnaire (ASQ) x x     x
Diagnosis/ Symptomatology DSM Diagnostic Information Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV (SCID-I/Screener) x      
Depression Beck Depression Inventory – Fast Screen (BDI-FS) x x x x x x
Problems and Discomfort Brief Symptom Checklist (BSCL) xp x     x
Worry (GAD) Penn State Worry Questionnaire (PSWQ) (x) (x)   (x)   (x)
Anxiety/Fear Fear Questionnaire (FQ) (x) (x)   (x)   (x)
Obsessions and Compulsions (OCD) The Obsessive-Compulsive Inventory, short Version (OCI-R) (x) (x)   (x)   (x)
Social Fear Social Interaction Anxiety Scale (SIAS) (x) (x)   (x)   (x)
Stress Perceived stress Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) x x     x
Daily stress Daily Stress Scale (DSS) xi xi x x x xi
Prosocial Behavior Prosocial Behaviors Developmental Assets Profile – Prosocial Subscale (DAP-PS) x x     x
Prosociality Questionnaire (EVOS) x x     x
Cooperation Cooperation Scale (COOP) x x     x
The Self-Report Altruism Scale (SRAS) x x     x
Therapy Consistent Skills Transfer of Skills to Daily Life Vignettes    x x x x
  1. Note. BL = Baseline; FU-1, FU-4, FU-9, FU-12 = Assessments at 1-, 4-, 9-, and 12-month follow up; ESM = Event Sampling Methodology (smartphone); i = to be completed by close person in addition to patient; () = to be filled out only by patients who have that specific symptomatology (SCID); p = primary outcome measures