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Table 4 Intervention details

From: Internet-based interventions to support recovery and self-management: A scoping review of their use by mental health service users and providers together

Internet-Based Intervention Feature Usual MHW MHW employed for research project, Finland [42, 43] PCR, Netherlands [44] MHEN, Canada [45, 46] CommonGround, USAa [47, 48] Momentum, Denmark [49] Blended FACT, Netherlands [50] ReConnect, Norway [51, 52] HTP, USA [53] SMART, Australia [54] PRIME, USA [55] PeerTECH, USA [56]
Purpose Self-management     
Enhance communication / SDM      
Training and support Training/support provided to SU b  
Training provided to workers  
Technology components Internet-based information portal    
Smartphone / tablet computer app      
Tools to record own content   
Information/tools to support daily living   
Communication channel with worker c    
Peer communication – digital or F2F    
Peer narratives (e.g. photos, videos, audio)       
Worker, SU interactions Face-to-face using technology - prescribed      d d
Face-to-face using technology – flexible        
Internet-based – prescribed           
Internet-based – flexible    
Reported Benefits Increases SU autonomy – worker view       
Expands conversations – worker view         
Facilitates goal-related communication – SU view        
Reported Barriers Difficulties logging in      
Extra workload, not integrated in service system      
Unsuitable for SU – worker view        
  1. F2F face-to-face, MHW mental health worker, SDM shared decision making, SU service user a. CommonGround Indiana and Kansas combined b. Training provided by worker in first session; c. Online Q&A column, not 1:1 communication with specific worker; d: First meeting to prepare for using intervention, incorporating digital tools