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Table 6 Sources of variation. Potential factors for the three sources of variation (psychiatrists, patients, residuals) which may contribute to the variance in overall WC ratings (modified from [5, 30])

From: The reproducibility of psychiatric evaluations of work disability: two reliability and agreement studies

Source of variation Factors that may impact on the variance of overall work capacity
Psychiatrists • Experience in disability evaluation
• Knowledge about previous work
• Structuring and prioritizing of information
• Psychiatrists’ idiosyncrasies (e.g. leniency/strictness)
Patients • Socio-demographic features
• Diagnosis, severity of disorder
• Compliance, including malingering
• Skills in presenting their case
• Symptom exaggeration
Residuals • Interaction psychiatrists*patients
• Interaction patient*last job; patient*‘alternative work’
External factors:
• Changes in legislation with impact on medical evaluations
• Interferences of legal demands with medical judgements
• Turn-over of staff involved in the studies
• Overall attitude in society towards disability