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Table 2 Regions contributing to discrimination between the drug-naive OCD and healthy control subjects on the basis of fALFF values

From: Multivariate classification of drug-naive obsessive-compulsive disorder patients and healthy controls by applying an SVM to resting-state functional MRI data

Brain regions MNI coordinates Wi
x y z
 L superior temporal gyrus − 49 −4 4 15.16
 R middle temporal gyrus 53 −1 −16 19.44
 L supramarginal gyrus −49 −51 26 −15.91
 R superior parietal lobule 20 −58 74 −15.73
  1. The regions were identified by setting the threshold to ≥30% of the maximum weight vector, the value of which indicates the relative contribution to the classification. OCD obsessive-compulsive disorder, fALFF fractional amplitude of low-frequency fluctuation, HCS healthy control subjects, L left, R right, MNI Montreal Neurological Institute, Wi weight vector value.