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Table 2 Practical suggestions for the future development of CBM-pa based on participants’ comments

From: A qualitative study of the acceptability of cognitive bias modification for paranoia (CBM-pa) in patients with psychosis

Category Suggestions
Appeal of CBM-pa • Add audio and visual (video/ picture) display that matches with the scenario to enhance participants’ attention and sense of personal relevance while working on the task
Programme structure • Implement CBM-pa for a longer period (twice a week and up to 6 months) to consolidate learning and sustain its impact
• Incorporate alternative activities in between the CBM-pa task to sustain interest
• Allow extra time for response
• Give participants the option of completing CBM-pa at home
Content of scenarios • Tailor the content of scenarios to increase personal relevance to participants. For instance, add a job interview scenario for those who would like to find work.
Being informed • Give an introduction of the intervention in advance and provide explanation of the rationale
Human contact • Offer means of contact in case emotional support is needed