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Table 3 Multivariable-adjusted odds ratio of the associations between DASH-style diet and insomnia

From: The relationship between adherence to a Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) dietary pattern and insomnia

Quintiles of DASH score (ranged from 0 to 40)
 Q1 (n:98)Q2 (n:97)Q3 (n:97)Q4 (n:98)Q5 (n:98)P trenda
 Crude1.000.81 (0.45–1.44)0.86 (0.46–1.62)0.5 (0.25–1.01)0.51 (0.26–1.00)0.02
 Model I1.000.83 (0.46–1.48)0.89 (0.47–1.69)0.52 (0.26–1.04)0.53 (0.27–1.07)0.03
 Model II1.000.8 (0.44–1.43)0.91 (0.48–1.73)0.5 (0.25–1.01)0.54 (0.27–1.08)0.03
 Model III1.000.81 (0.45–1.45)0.88 (0.46–1.68)0.5 (0.25–1.02)0.54 (0.27–1.09)0.03
  1. Model I: adjusted for age and menstruation; Model II: additionally, adjusted for physical activity and passive smoking; Model III: further adjustments for percentile of BMI
  2. a P for trend based on logistic regression by considering Median score in each quintiles of DASH-style diet